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Winder is installed on the calender production line or on the end of production line that carries out exchange or rewinding various materials, in response to different winding requirement according to the products. Our winder adopt precise guidance and easy to operate. The speed is up to 200 m / min, the reel diameter is up to 1500mm, width is up to 6000mm. Some models are capable of reeling the upper side of films into the inner or outer roller. And after cutting the film into the desired specification, up to 3 rollers from the single spindle can be done. Processing with the drive motor and control system, the maximum tension precision at high-speed is guaranteed.

We have a broad selection of winders for different product layout or custom. Automatic center winder (taping or Free taping type), automatic single roller surface winder, multi-roller surface winder; auxiliary equipment (trimming cutter and central cutting device, roll unwinding equipment and weighing unit, automatic roller puller), etc.