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Fruitive International Co. specializes in designing and integrating as well as providing PVC, PE, PP, EVA, PET, CPE, textile and other composite materials laminating production lines. Laminated processing is applicable to all the material can be wound on the roller. Plastic film and mesh knitted synthetic fiber can be laminated with PVC film by pre-heating and heat flow extension. Fine mesh knitted fibers, woven and non-woven fabrics, felts and paper products can be laminated with PVC film with the use of adhesive film.
We provide two types of laminate process as the followings:

Jumbo roller heating laminate equipment. All the materials for laminating are pre-heated by the Jumbo roller at once. This kind of laminate equipment ensures high productive efficiency and reliable final outcome. It is also designed for 2 or 3 different kinds of films in thermal laminating method and adhesive plastic film with other materials, and also for the afterward embossing.

Small roller heating laminate equipment. The materials for laminating are pre-heated independently by multiple small rollers. This kind of laminate equipment features high-stability and high-quality outcome. It is suitable for a variety of materials that can be processed, and it is also designed for thermal laminating, the last adhesive laminating. Additionally, it can be carried out up to 5-6 layers at once, and it is also used for embossing process.

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